Austin Maxi

Published / by Stefanveld

Since 2005, I am the proud owner of an 1979 Austin Maxi 1750HL. As most people, I have been infected with the Maxi-bug, and when you have it you’re stuck to it! When I bought the car it needed some serious attention.

Just Bought On the way home, the front left Hydragas Sphere collapsed, another additional problem to sort out. After having fixed that, I drove the car for approximately a year, before starting the partial restoration.

The restoration involved :

  • replacing both front wings with new ones
  • repairing rear wheel arches
  • repairing front left sill
  • and several famous “Maxi corrosion”points such as in de rear valance near the rear subframe-mounts

Although I was quite capable of performing most tasks myself, I have no welding experience, so I needed some help for that. Fortunately I found someone willing to assist me with this. After more than one year, of weekend- welding by Johan the car was finally ready for a complete respray.

You can find all Photo’s of the restoration in de restoration gallery.

The end result is shown in the picture below:

the finished article